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Community Center, Inc.


WCCC, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, committed to the belief and understanding that we are all socially responsible.  We hope to inspire action in the community with the programs and workshops we intend to offer. Through grants, fundraising initiatives and your help, we can make a difference. We want to help members in our communities live their best lives today.

WCCC, Inc. works to encourage our youth to be caring and thoughtful leaders and our families to improve traditional values based on the power of love, respect and shared responsibilities. Offering supportive and educational programs will bring us closer to our goal of establishing a healthier, caring and thriving community that yearns to give back. We celebrate and challenge the best in each other to pay it forward!

Join us on our mission today [Volunteer, Donate, Become a WCA or a Sponsor]

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Working together we can change the world... let’s start with our communities!

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