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​​WeCare Community Center, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Darrett Evans-Moss to help children rise above the negative statistics (violence, drugs, broken homes and low graduation rates) and achieve success.  It was our belief that education could transform the lives of the youth and young adults, preparing them for professional careers. Today we are still holding strong to those beliefs and are broadening our reach to families and the community. Attempting to stimulate our youth to be caring and thoughtful leaders and arm our families with the tools needed to strive in today’s world is our way of making a difference [giving back to the community]. This mighty connection, in our book, will result in our youth returning to their communities, becoming the core of a highly qualified workforce and active business & community leaders who create a strong regional economy.

WeCare is committed to bringing enrichment and vitality to the City of Bridgeport, growing to the rest of Fairfield County and into New Haven County in the future. Funding enables WeCare to offer a wide range of seminars and cultural events designed to stimulate community engagement and encourage dialog.​


We envision an inspired and confident youth, a powerful and strong family dynamic and a connected community where each unit works together.



Our mission is to inspire a strong connection between families and their communities by offering programs that invests in our youth, nurtures the power of a strong family foundation, and empowers people to make a difference in the lives of today and tomorrow.




In pursuing our vision of an inspired and connected community, we, the members of WeCare Community Center, Inc., are guided by the following values:

  • Celebrating diversity and the power of family

  • Empowering individuals to be socially responsible

  • Having fun; hosting healthy and engaging activities

  • Connecting passion to ambition in order to achieve goals

  • Collaborating and educating to prepare for the changing world

  • Inspiring forward thinking while honoring positive traditions

Working together we can change the world... let’s start with our communities!

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